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I live in Saskatoon. When I die I'm going to hell. That's o.k. 'cause I get to take all my money. Why? 'Cause there's credit unions all over hell.

It all started with Sask Place. A lovely name for a stadium. Gladiators of all sorts could come out and run their monster trucks over chevettes and everyone was happy.

Recently I was talking to a friend. We were trying to figure out where to go for lunch. I asked well were do you work? (Good friend I might add). She said that she worked up near Sask Place. I think it is odd here in the land of no daylight savings time that we would spell differently from other cultures. Seems that we like to spell Sask Place c-r-e-d-i-t-u-n-i-o-n-c-e-n-t-r-e. Wow - that realy tosses that whole color vs colour argument out the window.

Remember Greg Barnsley and his felt board? Here was a guy who would discuss the weather across the whole country by flinging little felt cut-outs of snow and rain and clouds onto a felt board. The little cut-outs would stick and that was where it was going to snow or whatever... We called this show "The Weather". Now it's Credit Union Sky Cam. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty to watch a time lapse shot of clouds moving across the sky. Technology is fine but there is a theme to this rant that loosely connects all these paragraphs.

Remeber when our current Mayor ran on a platform of constructing a dome over second avenue?

Seems 2005 is the year to build things in Saskatoon. What happened to the boat launch? I finally get a boat and now I got no where to launch it. I could borrow the fire and police launch but hey, those guys have guns, or worse racey calendars. Along with this construction the Centennial Auditorium is undergoing an elaborate expansion and with it is a name change. “TCU PLACE, Saskatoon’s Arts & Convention Centre”. Guess what the TCU stands for... Teacher's Credit Union. Maybe they felt left out...

Lets talk roadways. Remember the freeway bridge? It is now the Senator Sid Buckwold bridge. Who knew? Anyway, they want a sound retaining wall built along side the roadway. Good idea. Construction sites must be safe so they neck down the freeway to one lane. One Monday they erected a sign that informed drivers that there was an obstruction. It read "Right Lane Ends". It was changed on Tuesday to read "Right Lane Ends 2.5km". Seems that most mororists interpreted the first sign as "Right Lane Ends Here". Traffic slowed to 60km in the construction zone. I could never see the stop sign that my fellow motorists virtualized upon the roadside where the street narrowed. There once was a traffic circle on Eight Street. It was removed in the eighties because no one 'round here could figure out how it worked. As a result - many many many accidents. 2005 sounds like a good year for a new traffic circle. SGI must have asked the city for more funding opportunities. So the traffic circle was placed at the bottom of the historic Victoria Street bridge. Good name right? The traffic circle is layed out, not sure if it is paved - wasn't paved last time I was near there. Can't drive on the traffic circle 'cause the bridge inspection that was performed after the road construction began resulted in the permanent closure of the bridge. That's planning. I forsee a solution. The Credit Union Bridge.

I live in Saskatoon. I expect that soon the name will be changed to Credit Union City.

P.S. A town in Texas formerly known as Clark has fulfilled this prophecy selling it's name for 10 years of free satellite service.


could we get ten years of free banking services?

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