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My family and I have been Linux users since I switched over our PCs from M$ Windows last July (2002). We've enjoyed the new life given to our PCs and I've been learning allot.

I wanted to share some of the things I've been learning how to do with my Linux box with others. I thought, heck, if I wanted to do these things with Linux there must be others out there who'd like to do the same.

The site is at: http://www.virtualsky.net/daves and everyone is most welcome to visit.


Apr-01-03 UPDATE

Recently added a brief How-To on burning your own Linux installation CDs using X-CD-Roast for the Linux OS.

Apr-14-03 UPDATE

Learn how to mail merge letters and documents using the Open Office office suite. Just posted this simple How-To that will make the process easy for any beginner.

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