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I still have a Barbie with a Blue Dress.

How to setup a personal webspace with SaskTel in 29 simple steps.


 * One large ValarianRoot
 * one speed dial phone programmed with 1-800-773-2121
 * One Computer with internet access
 * One cron job reminiding you to check your account settings each month


1) Push speed dial, navigate through voice mail to reach a human. Tell them you want to setup a personal websapce. They will direct you to Tech Support who asks you for the Version of Windows you are running and then directs you to an email address personal.webmaster@sk.sympatico.ca. See, Tech Support can't setup the webpage for you but they need to start a trouble ticket to log the call. btw you are advised that is may take one business day to receive a response from the personal webmaster.

2) email the personal.webmaster - wait one day.

3) the response from the personal webmaster is: Sorry, we can't setup the personal webspace, you must access https://www.sasknet.com/utils/reqpweb.html and complete the form to initiate the request for personal webspace. It was a lovely form letter with all kinds of instructions on how to download an ftp client, links to html tutorials etc etc etc. I wonder why I was not told of this page in the first place.

4) access the website https://www.sasknet.com/utils/reqpweb.html. Note. The security certificate was registered to sasknet.com not www.sasknet.com so you will receive a security warning - I thought that was kinda cute.

5) discover that your username is too long!

6) chew more root.

7) push speed dial, talk to human again. Discover that you should be using your IP username not any email username. The IP username is what you would use to setup dialup access. Now I understand why I was not aware of the existance of an IP username. Did I mention I have High speed internet not dialup?

8) go back to https://www.sasknet.com/utils/reqpweb.html discover that your password does not work. That's a shock. Should have reset the password when I discovered the existance of the username.

9) chew more root.

10) Push speed dial, reach human again. They will forward you off to Activations. Get your password reset. They tell you it will take 30 seconds for the change to take effect, sounds reasonable.

11) try your new username / password combo for the next few hours. Refresh Valarian root as required.

12) email the password help located on the error page. Wait one day.

13) read email response wich tells you that the webmaster can not setup the personal webspace until your username hits his system. Imagine hitting his system. Oh, they also tell you to call Sask Tel again because you IP username is different from your primary email username and he can't setup the personal webspace until these two usernames are the same.

14) chew more root.

15) press speed dial - reach human. It would be useful to have some background. Sask Tel uses a web-based email system hosted by qlo. This system discriminates between different groups of users (households) with a short office name that is post-pended to you username. So, if your email address is "un" and you short office name is "lucky" then your login / email address becomes un_lucky.

16) instruct the helpful representative at SaskTel Activations that your IP username and your primary email address must be the same before the personal.webmaster@sk.sympatico.ca can setup your webspace.

17) dicover that the people at Activations have been told to avoid the underscore in a username. Recognize the conflict with the background mentioned in step 15.

18) chew more root.

19) Decide to take matters into your own hands and call the personal webmaster. They can be reached at Quantumlynx MIS 1-888-255-8826

20) Discover that the personal webmaster refuses to speak with the public, "It is SaskTel's problem they have to fix it" is what the receptionist tells me.

21) chew more root.

22) Push Speed dial after reaching for a new root to chew on, acquire human

23) Human will redirect you to Tech Support - their lead in message may say that it might take at least 1/2 hour to get through do to the hig volume of calls they are experiancing.

24) Hangup, chew harder, push speed dial again.

25) Reach human and ask for Activations again.

26) Read entire contents of this page to the person in activations. They put you on hold. Spend some time wash dishes, do some garndening or play with the kids for a while. Activations comes back on the line says that some one will call back within the hour.

27) Create a Wiki web page to purge all the frustration.

28) Just received a call back from Giselle, in activations. I have to now email the personal webmaster and tell them to setup the webpage manually. I guess my account is an old account and they have changed the way they assign usernames. Forget all that background I developed in step 15.

29) Yippee - I now have a personal webspace. Hello Tim,

Thank you for the clarification, the site has been created with the userid: blabla and password: ichyichyichyphwetang. I have waived the $10 set up fee - sorry for the confusion and running around that you had to endure.


Webmaster Sympatico

That was easy.

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