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There are always coincidences in life, you just need to open your eyes to see them.

The current coincidence that I find myself dealing with is rude people. SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance for you transplants) had a comercial that was trying to get people to show more respect to fellow drivers on the road. There was one scene in a grocery store with shoppers cutting each other off with shopping carts. The message was, "You wouldn't shop like that so why drive like that".

Friday my wife and I had a date, we went to the theater to see "The Illusionist", good show. We are walking up to the mall towards two sets of double doors. We had chosen the doors on the left about fifty feet out. An other couple comes up behind us in a frienzy. They pass us on the right ten feet from the doors. They faked right (actually reaching for the doors on the right) and then cut back left to open the doors that were now right in front of us. We had to stop moving. I was infuriated. It mad me wonder Why? Why was I so infuriated? Maybe it was because I wanted to body check them into the doors they opened but I supressed the rage because I would like to believe that I live in a civilized society. I could not believe the nerve of these rude people. That is the incident that has set me off.

Last night I went with my two kids to the WDM (Western Development Museum in case you have totally forgotten your roots) to enjoy a Halloween event. The place was packed. They had activities for all ages. There were many rude people. I found myself trying to control the crowd while I was controlling my children. I had to talk loudly and in general terms about how to navigate through the coat check, the boom town street, the haunted house, the apple bobbing line and the line up for the fishing pond. Once I was inside the coatcheck I could not get out because the rude people blocked the entrance. I was trying to leave and this mother cranked her stroller over right in front of us and again we had to stop short in order to avoid striking her, possibly destroying her stroller and child! I have not mentioned the candy scramble. The rumor I heard in the crowd was that the organizers had to modify the structure of the event because children had been injured in the past. I guess rude kids grow up to be cowboys! (obsure Willie Nelson Plug)

Happy Halloween.

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