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NOTE: as of June, 2012, the mailing list is not working.

I will get it back up and running when I have 1/2 day to spend on it. Sorry.

To join the SLG mailing list send a message containing the word "subscribe" (without the quotes and in the body, not the subject line) to [linux-request@slg.org]

You can read some of the archives at: [list.slg.org]

Due to very high CPU and I/O requirements, the archives have been disabled for quite some time. Sorry.

Before you post to the list, it is advisable to read http://earlydues.usanethosting.com/ieel/netiquette.htm

The mailing-list system sends over 100 copies of every byte you post to the email list (1 to each subscriber). Having an email with 4-5 paragraphs of material already posted, with "Me Too!" or a "See this ..." attached is highly inappropriate. Trim your reply information! This will cut down on unnecessary traffic.

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