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here is the true story of the signature on the mailing list.

My great uncle could read, write, speak and fart in seven languages.

I have trouble ordering fries with cheese curd and gravy on top. anyway, language has become a bit of a hobby, intrest, idle curiosity.

I found myself one day trying to generate a database using a cute little GUI for KDE. Things were not going my way. I thought, "Hey, this is open source, I'll ask the author." So I did. He answered my question. He lived in Germany at the time.

I noticed that at the end of his email was a curious phrase: "Ein zuviel an Ordnung ruft in uns unweigerlich den Wunsch auf Totschlag hervor."

I mentioned it in passing to Andreas, I thought it was Flemish. He laughed and said it was German.

There is nice, nice gentleman whom I know through a work relationship. He married a very plesant woman who was born in Germany. She is fluent in German.

I type up the nice little innocent phrase on a simple piece of white paper and bring it to buddy to get him to take it to his wife to translate.

The Translation: Too much organization fills me with the urge to commit homicide.

 or as I like to paraphrase:
Too much order makes me want to kill someone.

Was my face red... I understand She mentioned ("Tim has strange friends.")

Well I bring it up at a SLG meeting, 'cause it's funny. Scott mentioned, hey we should use that as out signature line and whammo. Unintelligable message linking the Saskatoon Linux group with anarchy and violence in one fell swoop.

What you must realize is that this is a joke! I feel compelled to say that lest we are infiltrated by the infidels. Hmmm, curious, Charlie joined the group just after we adopted the signature line, he always records the names of the people that attend the meetings but that's it. Hmmmm... Maybe it is too late to be infiltrated. :)

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