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Recently, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the Linux OS and the Linux desktop.

After doing some research, I came across the distribution called Arch ( http://www.archlinux.org ), a distribution put together by a young man living in B.C.

Arch has been described as the distribution that takes the best of Slackware and Gentoo and puts them together into one simple, fast, yet stable operating system. The motto of the developer is "Keep It Simple."

Arch is also unique in that it uses it's own package manager, called *pacman*. It is a manager that installs packages from source tarballs, managing dependencies in a sort of flat-file database. It also allows system maintainers an easy way to build their own pacman packages, sharing them with the Arch community.

Arch does not provide a newbie friendly GUI installer, but it does allow new Linux users a great opportunity in learning what makes Linux so unique. It also has a very well written Wiki, which makes Arch very easy to pick up with just a little reading.

Although my Linux knowledge (at least on a systems level) is limited when I started, I was able to get Arch running relatively easily... replacing my more newbie friendly distro, Kanotix, in short time.

I've created an OpenOffice? document, noting all of the steps I went through in installing Arch, if anyone would like to use it in their experiment with Arch.

The document is stored here: http://www.virtualsky.net/linuxoncd/archlinux-setup.sxw

Just right-mouse-click and Save As to your hard drive.

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