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[Linux Distribution Chooser] - answer questions to find the right [distro] for you; good for beginners.

LinuxDesktop tips, reviews and how tos for Linux beginners... all are welcome.

[Adventures in Linux with Ubuntu] - notes on the OS including problems encountered and their solution.

ConfigurePostfix to use a mail relay on port 587 that requires SMTP AUTH.

ConfigurePostfixTo require SMTP AUTH to relay

SearchNReplace and replace text in a bunch of files in a directory.

HowToGetMcAfee Virusscan for linux working with Debian 3.0

[F-Protect] Antivirus for linux: Stop the virus' before they reach a windows box!


EtherBootTalk from July 2001. I found this while cleaning up files.

SettingUp apache-ssl using a CA such as GoDaddy? or GeoTrust?

How to CompileAKernel the Debian way

How to CompileAProgram the Debian way

How I set up MythTV

How To do PostfixAmavisd-newClamAvSpamassassin? on Debian 4.0 Etch

How to set up and use keys in ssh: [make your keys, copy public to server] but it's annoying to always have to type my passphrase. Isn't there an easier way? [Use ssh-agent and keychain]

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